il Cenacolo s.r.l.

Lavorazioni in sito The society is based in Rome, where the business administration and the technical areas operate for the Central-Northern Italy, and a second office that supplies technical services for the Southern Italy is in Bari. The headquarters in Rome consists of: the diagnostic research laboratory, also equipped with portable instrumentations suitable with the in situ tests performing. The restoration laboratory for artistic manufactures, the woodworking and the works.

The human resources of "Il Cenacolo" is built on professional people with a specific training and several years of activity in the sector. Thus, it avails itself of a well-experienced net of consultants focused on specific problems.

The society has got the quality certification according to the law UNI EN ISO 9001/1994.

"Il Cenacolo" is member of the CCIA of Rome with the aim to operate in the conservation-restoration of Cultural Heritage field, in the building constructions (construction, renovation and maintenance for the own society or for third party, public or private institutions); and in the projects (preliminary, definitive and executive, site management). Then, it can produce and deal in the technologies and products for conservation area: also, it can develop experimental and research activities starting from the chemical, physical and mechanical field direct to restoration implementation.


The society is also member of S.O.A. for the III class of the categories OG2 and OS2
(defined by the attachment A of the law D.P.R. 34 dated 25/01/2000: Restoration and maintenance of Artistic Buildings according to the laws on the topic of the Cultural Heritage and the environment; and Restoration of decorated surfaces and Historical-Artistic Heritage). The Cenacolo -  Rome Head Office

"Il Cenacolo" undertakes a constant collaboration activity with public institution like such as CNR (National Research Centre), ISCR (Higher Restoration-Conservation Institute), ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property), Archivi di Stato (Italian Archives), Soprintendenze, Universities.

"Il Cenacolo" attends scientific conventions in the Cultural Heritage field, both national and international, exhibiting several works.

Some member of the society takes part of the UNI-NorMaL Commission and participates actively to the compilation of the referential regulation for laboratory tests and to the editing of the Special Specification Type (Capitolato Speciale Tipo) for the Restoration of Architectural, Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Heritage.

"Il Cenacolo" is member of the “Mecenate 90” Association for the development and safeguarding of Cultural Heritage, supporting some events.

Thus, "Il Cenacolo" offers, within its structures, stages and internships in the restoration-conservation field to the senior year students and post-doctoral student.