Virtual rendering of paintings, books and documents


Codice (stato attuale) The “Cenacolo” has developed, perfected and patented a "Process for the treatment of writing and decorative materials on paper and parchment supports". It has been possible thanks to the experience gained in this field and considering the requirements of conservators and restorers: the treatment utilizes synergistically the most common techniques of multispectral investigations. It allows to identify and reconstruct, under areas apparently illegible, the original drafts of codes, miniatures, schedules and drawings. In fact, the data reported with the use of various non-destructive methods, (photography, sensitive infrared photography, UV fluorescence photography, NIR reflectography, radiography), are overlapped and processed to obtain a single representative image of all layers, invisible to the human eye. This kind of approach, also used to read the Herculaneum papyrus, allows to explore without any direct intervention on the materials different types of works, providing valuable information for the knowledge of the realization techniques, to reconstruct their history and characterize them with any doubt.

Codice (ripristino virtuale) Practical applications of this methodology of intervention highlighted the potential and the great results can be achieved: for example, in the painting on canvas "Portrait of a Lady" by Gustav Klimt, held in the Galleria Ricci Oddi in Piacenza and then stolen, the analyses conducted by “the Cenacolo” have reconstructed the particular story of the work, finding underneath the today drafting an earlier work by the same artist considered lost. Other researches in the documentation field have revealed the secrets of ancient miniature manuscripts, drawings, schedules. In the meanwhile the employ by the Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration (ISCR), Enea, public administrations, proved to be very important to support experts of art and collectors, who may now dispose of valuations based on strictly objective data to qualify them collections.

Klimt (stato attuale)Klimt (ripristino virtuale)






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