Teatro sociale di Bergamo (disegno)The architectural project is a connection of ideas, carried on through drawings, graphics and texts, that allow to create a manufacture, of any scale and nature. The designer in his creative process makes the choices, conditioned by the initial available data, from its culture and professional experience and, least but not last, the desires of the customer. Therefore, whenever he is in front of a number of questions and formulates answers, he is planning. The restoration project of Cultural Heritage has not as its objective the creation of a new work of art, but it is a process that provides choices and solving problems, which grants indications of extreme importance for the conservation.


Consequently, the restoration project has to be fully fledged considered on the same level of an architectural project: even if the object is different, the approach and the elaboration are comparable and of equal dignity.

Undoubtedly, the preliminary stage of study and analysis is predominant: the knowledge is achieved through various phases. Historical research, the survey (geometric, material and of degradation), diagnostics research in-situ and in laboratory. Later come some guidelines for the execution and the maintenance in the future. All this is accompanied by a careful analysis of the costs necessary for the realization of the whole operation.


Usually the planning phase is supported by the site direction: it is a good practice to make follow the restoration-site by the designer, which is familiar with the manufacture and its needs. He should also show apprehension for security issues, characterized by very strict rules.

Via BoncompagniTeatro sociale di Bergamo (pianta strutturale)