The Stretcher frame Leonardo®

Why the Stretcher-frame Leonardo?

Tela nella basilica di San NicolaThe Stretcher-frame Leonardo is a light and in constant tension alloy frame, designed in 1990 by an interdisciplinary team, put on trial and consistently implemented.

It is born as innovative technical solution for the intervention of replacing of the traditional wooden frames supporting the paintings on canvas. The use of wood can trigger off degradation on the canvas and paint layer, because it is a material much stiffer than the tissue. The degradation phenomena are bounded to different physical and mechanical properties of the materials and to others external factors.

The main feature of the Stretcher-frame Leonardo is the intrinsic ability to adapt automatically itself to changes in tension of the canvas. The changes may be due to many causes, such as microclimate changes, keeping the system canvas/frame to the most appropriate tension for the conservation. It thus avoiding dangerous overloads and relaxations of the canvas, that can generate on the painting surface cracks, chippings and later uprisings, with possible loss of pictorial material.





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