E.I.M.A. System - Tailored system for the analysis of stone materials (Italian patent application submitted on 27/06/2008 - Prot. No RM2008A000343)

The system synthesizes and optimizes the latest progress of automation and information technology for the digital images.
It was designed specifically for the laboratories and companies that are interested in performing detailed analyses, however sophisticated, fast, efficient, cheap and significant from a scientific perspective. It is a system developed to match the technical and operational requirements that arise during selecting the image (thin sections, cross sections, etc..) starting from a market research of existing systems and through a complex technical-scientific research of the parameters currently in use.
Most image analysis systems includes automated methodologies applied, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical sector and metallurgical characterization of powders and fibbers; but, in none of these applications it can make a mineralogical-petrographic characterization of the grains, differentiate them into different classes and then assembling the appropriate parameterization.
E.I.M.A. software, designed to increase productivity and accuracy of analyses, so that they are objective and provide results more reproducible and representative, gives a tailored system of image selection and of calculation of parameters to be run on thin sections and/or cross sections. By these means, in a completely automated manner:

  • percentage granulometric analysis in number, in areas and in "weight extrapolated”;
  • complete morphological analysis (as 16 different assessment systems);
  • percentage of phases;
  • thickness of layers.

The system schedules the simultaneous use of two monitors, the first to see the scanned images to be processed (e.i. images in parallel and cross Nicols over putted on different levels) and the second to have the same image "live", so that it is possible directly identify the different mineral phases with the help of a microscope. For the best possible functionality the software commands are grouped into masks movable on the two monitors as much as you like according to different analytical needs.

Postazione EIMAThe implementation and development of the software have been treated by the research and technological development sector of the “Il Cenacolo” (with the contribution paid by Filas SpA - LR 23/86 as amended by Art. 19 LR 10/01), a company that works for over twenty years in the field of the diagnostics and the restoration design of monuments and therefore it understands the need to obtain a detailed analysis quickly and from small numbers of samples analyzed, with accurate and consistent results.
Considering all that, the E.I.M.A. software is recommended, in addition to the different fields of geology (sedimentology, mineralogy, petrography), also in the characterization of natural and artificial stone materials used in the production of Cultural Heritage. For this reason, among the reference systems used by the software are present in the visual cards shown in the regulation UNI 11176 (ex Coll. NorMal Italian 12/83).