Consulta dei Beni Culturali

Agreement with the Council of Cultural Heritage


Since January 2008, "Il Cenacolo" is working together with the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators of Rome and province, and in particular with the Council of Cultural Heritage, that is an institutional unit in the service of members on issues concerning the restoration of Cultural Heritage and the profession of architect in this area. The managing director responsible for the Cultural Heritage is arch. Virginia Rossini.


The first initiative taken together was the organization of the "Workshop of restoration - the first series of meetings on the theoretical and practical restoration project", which consists of seven days in presence of experts in various facets of the field and guided tours. "Il Cenacolo", in addition to cooperating in the practical realization of the workshops, has provided its staff hiring in several orals on the theoretical bases of "Diagnostic and Planning of the Cultural Heritage", together with practical examples of some work done.

Following the positive experience of collaboration, "Il Cenacolo" has decided to join in the proposal of the Council of Cultural Heritage to sign a convention, becoming a trust company of the Association: the members can refer to the society for problems related to the restoration of Cultural Heritage, advantage of a 15% off on the list prices on the performance of consulting and laboratory analyses.


This convention will cover the whole area treated by "Il Cenacolo" along the years: on site diagnostic investigations and laboratory analyses, on both architectural and artistic surfaces; consulting for major problems in the field of cultural heritage; planning of restoration operation; preliminary tests carried out on site by their labor.


This initiative aims to raise awareness of the architects of the importance of diagnostics in both the projecting and executive stages, and to make them understand that this is a modest capital expenditure for the resolution of problems that in the executive stage could lead to practical difficulties and to remarkable costs not expected.



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